About Me - AlexaHughesPhotography

I remember the strong odor of the chemicals from my mother's darkroom closet, where she would emerge with these vivid black and white prints of me, my sister, and brother. Seeing her always with camera in hand, along with a rotation of glossy images of us in miniature on our walls, readily became part of who I am.

On the contrary, my dad is a scientist. Ask him sometime about hydrofracking or the Big Bang -- you'll get an earful. I blame him for my talk radio compulsion. (Though I'm partial to FM.)

As such, the right and left sides of my brain have been brawling incessantly for many years. I studied medical illustration in college, though I feared its inherent isolation, so I defaulted to a "safer" degree in English from the University of Michigan. After treading for many years in corporate waters, a sweet baby boy (and then his brother -- and another) was born, demanding photography that adequately documented such extreme cuteness. When every moment of my free time was spent with camera in my hand, just like my mom, I knew that the right had finally won out. At least for now...

Which brings me to you.

When I photograph you and your family, I can promise you this: The word "cheese" will never escape my mouth. I don't solicit smiles; they happen naturally, or some other sincere emotion will present itself... one that tells the complete story of you, artfully. And that is always what I aspire to photograph.

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